Home and Community Based TBI Program

Providing choices and support for individuals who have experienced a brain injury.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Medicaid Waiver Program
The Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver program is a special Medicaid funded program for income eligible adults who have been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury, and who without waiver services would have to live in a residential long term care facility. The program pays for services such as Service Coordination, Home and Community Support assistance, respite care, vocational support, housing support, and other services that are necessary to keep the individual living in the community.

The goal of the Home and Community Based TBI program is to assist the individuals with brain injuries to be in control of their lives and to live as independently as possible in the community. Our specially trained professionals offer compassionate service and peace of mind to our TBI clients and their families by providing a comprehensive network of services and support.

Program Services Provided by Unlimited Care, Inc.

  • Service Coordination/Case Management
    A Service Coordinator is provided to assist with, oversee and monitor all necessary aspects of the client’s life.. In addition, the Service Coordinator assists in identifying and locating programs that may be needed, such as a Structured Day Program, Substance Abuse Program, Intensive Behavioral Program, and medical treatment providers. The Service Coordinator may also need to arrange for environmental modifications (home ramps, grab bars and other assistive devices) when applicable.
  • Independent Living Skills Training and Development
    These services may include assessment, training and supervision of, or assistance to an individual with issues related to self-care, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation skills, reduction and/or elimination of maladaptive behaviors, problem-solving skills, money management, pre-vocational skills, and skills to maintain a household.

  • Home and Community Support Services
    These services are for direction with daily living skills, i.e. personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry and socialization.
  • Respite Care
    This service allows the primary caregiver distance and time needed to rest from providing daily care and support for their loved ones.

  • Community Integration Counseling
    Community Integration Counseling is an individualized service to assist the waiver participant to more effectively manage the emotional difficulties associated with adjusting to and living in the community.

  • Arrangements for environmental Modifications
  • Arrangements for Special Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Arrangements for Community Transportation

"They help me do things like help with my finances and remind me of doctor appointments. They are like family."

MJ TBI Survivor