Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

Q. What is the first step to get help in my home?
A. Unlimited Care has many offices throughout the State of New York. Choose the office closest to you. The office staff will assist you with any questions.

Q. What services does Unlimited Care provide?
A. Unlimited Care offers a wide array of services from Paraprofessional Services, Consumer Self –Directed Program, Traumatic Brain Injury and Nursing Home Transition Diversion Program.

Q. Do you take insurance?
A. Unlimited Care, Inc. does take many types of insurance. Unlimited Care, Inc. will do an insurance verification to see if the client is covered for the services that Unlimited Care will be providing.

Q. What are the rates for services?
A. Rates are determined on the level and services provided.

Q. Do you have any information about Unlimited Care?
A. Unlimited Care can mail you literature about the company.

Q. Do you offer training to your staff?
A. Unlimited Care, inc. offers Home Health Aide Training /Personal Care Aide Training. As long as, the person is an active employee with Unlimited Care, Inc., the employee is required to attend continuous education programs and skills training.

Q. Do you do any background checks?
A. Unlimited Care, Inc. verifies references, licenses and certificates. Unlimited Care, Inc. performs a criminal background check on all employees.

Career Opportunities and Employment Questions

Q. Do you have any training program?
A. Unlimited Care, Inc. provides continuous Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide training classes at all of the Unlimited Care offices.

Q. What do I need to do to register for the class? What is the cost?
A. Unlimited Care, Inc. has offices throughout the State of New York. Refer to the list of offices and choose the one closest to you. An Employment Coordinator will schedule an appointment. Training classes are free.

Q. I currently have a Home Health Aide certificate and would like to work for Unlimited Care. How do I apply? 
A. You can submit your contact information online and upload your resume, or call an Unlimited Care office.