The Process

Who do I contact? 
A Patient Service Associate will answer your inquiry. Unlimited Care, Inc. provides services from 18 branch locations in two states. Choose the branch located nearest to you. (See the Contact Us page).

What do I say? 
Tell the Patient Service Associate who answers the phone that you are interested in in-home care. The Patient Service Associate will question you about the patient’s needs and requirements for care.

How much does home care cost? 
The Patient Service Associate will discuss the cost of services provided by Unlimited Care, Inc. Methods of payment, as well as reimbursement sources, will also be discussed. Insurance, Medicaid, and/or Medicare information should be readily available. Fees are structured to reflect quality levels of care and treatment provided, as well as to be competitive in the health care marketplace.

How is the home care process started? 
Patients are assigned primary care nurses responsible for their care from admission to discharge. The nurse will contact the patient or designated family member handling the patient’s health care needs to set up an appointment in the home to establish the care plan.

Who takes care of the patient? 
The company’s certified paraprofessional and licensed professional staff comprises home health aides, personal care aides, nurses, and therapists. Unlimited Care, Inc., believing that our most important resource is people, recruits, trains, and professionally develops the best-qualified individuals for each position in our organization. Through an extensive interviewing and screening process, Unlimited Care ensures that its workers are well suited to home care. The screening process and training programs ensure that workers are of the highest quality. Well-matched staff and patients enhance the quality of care provided.

Summary: The Patient Service Associate and primary nurse, working together with the patient or caregiver, become the patient’s partners in care. This partnership builds the trust and confidence required for the healing process.

Unlimited Care requires a thorough patient assessment prior to the start of service and continuing throughout treatment. This assessment phase is the cornerstone in fulfilling the company’s home-care service plan. Because the primary nurse is responsible for all aspects of a patient’s care, there is no duplication of services.

Once an assessment is complete, the nurse works with the physician, patient, and family to develop a care plan best suited to the patient’s individual needs. Our goal is to provide only those home-care services necessary to a patient’s well-being. Short and long-term goals are developed to assist the patient in making decisions to benefit optimally from the course of treatment. Health conditions and life circumstances change. That is why assessment is ongoing, as are evaluation and clinical monitoring; adjustment of the care plan guarantees it will meet changing patient needs and avoid costly or untimely professional services or medical interventions.

Unlimited Care’s goal is to enable patients to remain independent for as long as possible. We are in the business of delivering total health care at home and believe that the value and cost savings associated with health care at home are just emerging. Ongoing patient evaluation through supervision and clinical monitoring is the essential link in the continuum of successful patient management in the home. Our mission is to be a comforting resource to any patient requiring home care services.

"The services and staff you have provided for my mother have been extremely satisfactory to me and my family. The home health attendants have been competent and caring, and the administrative personnel concerned and obliging."