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Personal Care Aid Competency Questionniare

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    1. A Home Care Worker may be expected to:
    2. Good communication with a patient includes:
    3. You can help a patient trust you by being honest in handling money when you shop.
    4. As people get older they are most likely to:
    5. A patient who has had a stroke may have trouble remembering.
    6. Most toddlers want to put everything in their mouths.
    7. You have been working with Mr. Brown for several weeks. He has suddenly stopped talking to you and has lost interest in eating. You should:
    8. Some people cope with stress by blocking out unpleasant situations or thoughts.
    9. A severely developmentally disabled adult:
    10. A Home Care Worker assigned to a physically disabled person would be expected to:
    11. A good source of calcium is:
    12. In preparing food for a person on a soft diet you could serve:
    13. Mrs. Talbot is 88 years old. She has high blood pressure and is on a low salt diet. Of the menus listed below, select the best one for her.
    14. Most people need to eat more foods that are high in fiber such as whole grain cereals.
    15. To preserve vitamins when cooking vegetables, cover with water and cook without a lid on high heat.
    16. A Home Care Worker who shops for a patient should give the change and receipts for the purchases to the patient as soon as the worker returns home.
    17. Fresh fruits such as strawberries are cheaper when they are in season.
    18. The best way to prevent serious accidents and falls in the kitchen is to:
    19. Your patient grabs at her chest and falls to the floor unconscious. You should:
    20. When assisting a patient to transfer from bed to chair you should:
    21. A good way to prevent the spread of disease is to:
    22. Which of the following food must be measured when an input record is ordered:
    23. When helping a patient transfer from a bed to a wheelchair, which of these actions is essential?
    24. When using a hydraulic lift, you should:
    25. In helping the patient to walk, you should encourage the patient to wear sturdy shoes.
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