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    1. Which of the following statements about communication is the correct one?

    2. A home care aide suspects a patient is being abused. As soon as possible, the aide must:

    3. Which of the following must the aide report immediately?

    4. The patient has a urinary catheter attached to a drainage bag. When emptying the drainage bag, the aide must immediately report:

    5. To prevent decubitus (bed sore) from forming on your patient’s skin, you should do which of the following:

    6. When doing perineal care on a female patient:

    7. Which of the following diseases enters the body through the mouth or nose and goes to the lungs?

    8. If you get stuck by a used needle, what should you do FIRST?

    9. Symptoms of a heart attack (MI):

    10. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a dangerous condition associated with diabetes. Symptoms include:

    11. The very FIRST sign of a possible decubitus ulcer (bed sore)is:

    12. You enter Mrs. Smith’s home and find her on the floor by the bed. She says she fell during the night and could not get up. What is the first thing that you should do?

    13. Ms. Eden has had a stroke, which has affected her left side. She walks with a cane. When she is walking the HHA should be:

    14. The patient reports feeling anxious, short of breath, pale and has a feeling of heaviness in his chest. The Home Care Aide should:

    15. The universal sign for choking is:

    16. Which of the following is the FIRST emergency measure to control heavy bleeding?

    17. When caring for a client with mental illness, the home care aide should:

    18. The goal of Hospice Care is:

    19. One day you notice that your patient begins to cough up thick, yellow material through the tracheostomy. You should:

    20. Before helping a patient into or out of a wheelchair, it is important to do which of the following?

    21. A stand pivot transfer is used when a patient:

    22. When helping a patient move toward the head of the bed, you should tell him to:

    23. Your patient has been walking with a walker for the past several months: recently she has decided that she does not need it. You should do which of the following?

    24. In addition to protein sources that are animal foods, alternate source of protein include:

    25. A very weak patient or one who is having trouble breathing must be watched carefully
    when eating so that she/he does not aspirate the food (food gets into the lung)

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